Increases Performance of Your Leg Muscles

Skiing with Againer Exoskeleton is like having a set of extra leg muscles that never get tired or wear out. When coming down into a turn Againer worked like supporting shock absorbers. When coming up after a turn, the Againer helped push the body back up to be in position to make the next turn

Reduces Pressure on Knees & Back

Againer Exoskeleton supports your knees & back by removing majority of the extreme pressure that can often limit our skiing fun. With Againer you can enjoy the true skiing fun from the first lift to the last.

Powerfull skiing as long as you want

With Againer you will take your body and your skiing to the next level and beyond, but just make sure that your friends can keep up with you 🙂


In 3 instant steps you are ready for an amazing day on the slopes – click the Againers on your ski boots, fasten leg straps, flip power switch from walk to ski mode and you are ready to go.


Let’s see how Againer performs on slope!