Save your purchase receipt as it will be regarded as proof of warranty, because no warranty claim will be accepted without enclosed purchase receipt. Your AGAINER is warrantied for 2 years from the date of purchase. The warranty covers any AGAINER System defect which may occur due to defective materials or manufacturing. If repairable, your AGAINER will be repaired. If your AGAINER cannot be repaired you will receive a new AGAINER. The initial warranty period will not be extended if the defective AGAINER is repaired or replaced with a new AGAINER.

The warranty doesn’t cover defects that have occurred due to improper use. The warranty is null and void if you attempt to modify your AGAINER in any way that is not proscribed in this manual.

To receive warranty service:

Take the AGAINER to the retailer where you made the purchase. Call before you visit the retailer to ensure fast resolution. Be sure to have the purchase receipt with you!
If you are not able to reach the retailer where you made the original purchase
contact manufacturer at: info@againer-ski.com and request a return authorization, (RA), number. You must have a return authorization number before sending us the AGAINER for repair or replacement. You may also request a RA number at www.againer-ski.com. If you are requesting a RA please describe the problem you are having with your AGAINER in your email. The shipment costs to manufacturer’s office must be born by you and the return shipment costs will be born by the manufacturer.


To request repair or to replace damaged parts after the expiration of the warranty call
an authorized AGAINER retailer prior to your visit.
We want to keep you skiing!